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Madison Metropolitan School District

About Us

Welcome to Cherokee Heights Middle School!

Cherokee Heights Middle School is a dynamic learning community dedicated to providing all students with a strong curriculum, leadership and support. Students are expected to use problem-solving skills, respect diversity, develop self-confidence and make a positive contribution to the school environment.

Families are essential in making sure we have a safe and caring culture at Cherokee Heights Middle School. Please support a positive school climate by consistently talking to your children about expectations and the importance of making wise decisions. This sends a strong message to students that our students, families and school are united in our efforts to create a positive school climate.

Our school is a place of learning, compassion and community. Together we will continue to take our school to new levels of excellence. At Cherokee Heights, we have an equity-focused culture, where every member of our community has a voice in the decision making process. In order to achieve this goal, we actively encourage and support our families in getting to know one another and becoming advocates for all children.

Our equity culture is rooted in and thrives upon our commitment to the idea that every child is an asset to our school community. We live that value by engaging in culturally responsive teaching practices. We work to create a sense of belonging for all kids by getting to know them as individuals, and by partnering with them in their learning. We listen to them, support them, and push them to achieve at high levels in a loving, safe, and inclusive classroom environment. Students of all races, abilities, genders, linguistic, ethnic, LGBTQ+ identities, and socioeconomic backgrounds are expected to grow and are pushed to excel. This is our mission and passion at Cherokee Heights Middle School – and we hope you will join us in achieving great things for our students.

Cherokee Heights is located on 13 picturesque acres in the Nakoma neighborhood. It is near the Arboretum, Vilas Park and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Cherokee Heights population is comprised of students from nine west area neighborhoods.

Cherokee Heights Equity Vision Statement: Staff and students will work to understand and disrupt patterns and beliefs with regard to race and equity in order to change practices to ensure all students are valued and challenged at high levels.