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Dear Cherokee Families,

Sarah Chaja

It is my sincere honor and pleasure to serve as Cherokee Heights Middle School’s administrator. Cherokee’s mission is to continue to adhere to the needs of all students both socially and academically. I am extremely optimistic about the exciting new opportunities at Cherokee Heights, the best middle school in the state of Wisconsin!!

I understand that each and every student comes to Cherokee with different learning styles and different life experiences that may impact the way in which students learn. As a result, we are dedicated to ensuring that each student has a highly qualified teacher utilizing proven research-based strategies every hour of the day for the purpose of enhancing student growth and success. I also believe that every child can learn if given the opportunity as well as increased time on task. Here at Cherokee, we are not only concerned about academic performance. A safe, caring, and warm school climate is very important to us. However, parents are essential in making sure we have a safe and caring culture at CHMS. Therefore, we need your help by consistently talking to your child(ren) about positive expectations and making great positive choices. This sends a strong message to all students that parents and the school are united in our efforts of providing a positive school climate.

An additional reminder to parents regarding transitioning to middle school
Life itself is an exaggeration during the period of time that children leave the security of their local elementary until they survive the first year of high school. Grades six through nine force students to confront life when they are most uncomfortable with their own bodies and minds. The physical awkwardness accompanying the onset of puberty, the unquenchable desire for peer acceptance, and the need to test the authority of parents, adults, and society’s norms create turmoil which makes each day a struggle for survival. This additional reminder is to let parents know we truly need your help with making sure we collaboratively tackle these concerns in order to ensure your child have the best middle school years. Together we can do it.

Helpful Suggestions for parents
Oftentimes prior to the beginning of a new school year, parents ask for advice in helping their children get off to a good start in school. Research shows that an overwhelming number of students feel their teachers do an awesome job teaching subject matter, nevertheless, parents can play a vital role by ensuring students develop strong study and organizational skills.

The following ideas come from several articles, and I believe they will provide some useful suggestions:

  • Help children use a planning calendar and notebook to keep track of weekly, monthly, or large projects.
  • Complete homework tasks in some order of priority. (Sometimes, it’s best to do the least-favorite task first.)
  • Encourage children to break down large complex tasks into manageable pieces.
  • Encourage young readers to use all the clues available to them while reading headlines, pictures, captions, charts, tables, and graphs.
  • A discussion with children after reading a book or article helps with comprehension. Ask your child to explain what the story was about, why or why not if it interested them, and perhaps how it might relate to their own lives.

Finally, we sincerely appreciate the fact that you have chosen to send your children to Cherokee Heights. This year, as every year, we commit ourselves to providing the very best educational experience possible. Our focus is on continuous improvement, strong instructional strategies, diminishing unwanted behavior, and most of all student achievement. By logging on to Cherokee’s website you will find schedules, newsletters, contact information, lunch menus and other important school information. I am excited about collaborating with you in making sure your child receive a quality educational experience that benefits them well beyond the walls of Cherokee Heights.

Welcome to 2019-2020!

Sarah Chaja-Clardy